Review: Roam, The Waterfront, Norwich

As their Autumn 2019 tour drew to a close, Roam announced that they would be going back on the road in early 2020. This time they would play a series of gigs in tiny venues allowing fans to get up close. Frontman Alex Costello announced that it was time to play some “small and sweaty” shows.
For the Norwich show, fans were asked to choose who the support bands should be. Local bands Telling Truths and Kaves were selected along with Bristol rockers Superlove.

Within a few minutes of doors opening, Telling Truths opened up the evening. This is a new band to me, I appear to have overlooked them since their launch in 2018.  Their 35 minute set comprising 5 hard hitting rock songs was fresh and exciting.   For me it was over too soon as I would have liked to see a few more songs. This is a band I will be looking out for in the future.

Next up were Kaves, another local band. I’ve seen them a few times, they are always sound fantastic and are great fun to watch. Again, it was a 35 minute set which seemed a little too short.

Superlove were the final support act. Again, I’d not seen them before but they were great and I really liked their songs and I’ll definitely look out for them in the future.

By 9:30 the audience are well and truly warmed up for the main event. Roam came on stage with the audience cheering. After a brief intro they burst into BITO (Better In Than out) from their new album Smile Wide. The audience immediately start jumping and shoving. It’s straight into Left For Dead and Alive from Great Heights and Nosedives. Being a small venue, there’s no pit so I’m in the audience. This has become a mosh pit within a few minutes of Roam coming on stage. When the third song finishes, I make a hasty retreat to the side of the stage.

The lads are in party mood and so are the audience, singing along to All The Same from Roam. As Alex reaches out with the microphone, the audience clamber to touch him. The songs keep coming, including Hand Grenade, Tracks, Deadweight and Turn.  The audience lapped them up eager for more.

Sadly it was over far too soon, the audience calling out for more as the band leave the stage. “Have we got time for one more?” says Alex. The others nod and come back on to play Playing Fictions.

Overall it was a brilliant night, Roam put on an excellent show. I’m not sure if the small venue idea really worked as the band had expected. The venue wasn’t packed as I had expected it would be.   Clearly those that did attend loved it and had a ball.

Remaining tour Dates
Feb 3rd York Basement
Feb 4th The Vault @ Shed
Feb 5th Margate Elsewhere
Feb 6th Brighton Green Door Store

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