The Faim, Electric Ballroom, London

Having only heard a few of The Faim’s songs before I went to photograph their gig at Electric Ballroom, their gig exceeded all of my expectations. The crowd was packed full of an enormous mix of age groups, all sporting glowsticks and hanging their band merch over the front railings, setting the scene for a gig that made me feel like I was 16 again! 
Cemetery Sun and Hot Milk supported The Faim, both of which were absolutely brilliant. They both had the venue packed out, getting fans to sing along to their anthemic tunes.
The Faim’s set began with each of the band walking out one by one until Josh Raven (lead vocals) hopped out onto the stage making the entire crowd go weak at the knees. 
With their songs reminiscent of the days of Fall Out Boy and Panic! At The Disco in their prime, their set was truly fantastic and I’d definitely pay to see them again!

Words and Photographs by James Friend

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