Introducing: Niamh Louise

My name is Niamh and I’m a freelance photographer from London. I specialise in music/gig photography and live events but I also really enjoy shooting portraits, travel scenes and the occasional dog photoshoot (too cute, how could anyone say no?)

I have always loved photography growing up. I had a digital camera from a young age before getting into photography properly; always being the person in friendship groups to take photos, create albums and videos for others and taking my small digital camera to concerts back when I was just getting into experiencing live music and discovering my love for gigs.

I currently shoot on a Canon 5D Mark iii, which I am super excited about shooting with and switch between a 70-300mm which is my favourite for gigs, an 18-55mm and a 50mm 1.4 lens. I still have my Canon 1200D which I still love to use sometimes. I have had the pleasure of shooting artists such as Yungblud, Sam Fender, Only The Poets and Adore Delano so far and can’t wait to expand my portfolio and work in different shooting environments.

I have such a wide music taste. From working in the music industry since I was 15-16 I have been exposed to so many different genres and my playlist is literally a patchwork quilt of songs. One moment I will be listening to Lewis Capaldi and Bishop Briggs followed by Iron Maiden, then onto Simple Minds, then Foo Fighters, Taylor Swift and then Stormzy. I would definitely describe my music taste as eclectic and I love being able to discover new music and emerging genres. My favourite genres are definitely the indie alternative/rock and pop with a guilty pleasure for country music.

I really love being a gig photographer as I have a real love for music across all genres as well as lots of passion for photography. You often get to take on something you aren’t as familiar with and push yourself and in the end, especially when it comes to different artists’ lighting, fog, staging and you always come out with a new understanding of the job or something your camera can do/ a way you can shoot that you didn’t before. Being able to do it on a bigger scale now is so much fun and I love to take on any opportunity I can to get behind my camera to get those really special moments. The feeling you get when you’re at a live music event is extremely rare, just a feeling of content and you can almost feel happiness radiating off the people around you and what’s great about being a photographer is being able to capture the essence of those feelings from both the artist and the audience in your work.

I feel as though within the photography community especially in music it’s so important to have female representation. There are so many talented female photographers and meeting them is always super inspiring. There are several occasions where it feels like women (especially young women) aren’t taken as seriously with their work and I think it’s so important to prove that we can produce work as good as any mans’ and we’re badass with a camera too.

I really look up to Bree Hart and Zakary Walters; they are both touring photographers who have worked with some of my favourite artists and the quality of their work is where I would love to reach one day. My ultimate goal would be to go on tour with an artist as their photographer and just continuing to shoot bigger gigs/festivals and grow my skill set.

You can find some of my previous work/portfolio at or my Instagram which is @niamhlouisephotography.

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