Aurora – O2 Institute, Birmingham

Aurora is a Norwegian singer, songwriter and record producer who has been creating and releasing her own music since 2012. She began to rise to fame after her cover of the Oasis song “Half the World Away” was used as the backing track for the John Lewis Christmas Advert, this was all at the age of 19 (2015) and it really solidified a future for her musically. Since this she has performed across Europe and even at the Noble Peace Prize Ceremony.

Birmingham was the penultimate show of her seven-stop tour in the UK. Aurora was touring with Iris who is a fellow Norwegian singer. Iris came out to the crowd who were all equally as excited to see her as they were Aurora. She was welcomed with great cheers leaving her completely shocked and nervously laughing as so many faces smiled back and waved at her. She had great stage presence and was getting incredible reactions from the crowd with the majority of them singing back to her.

After Iris’s set, Aurora came on stage to a tremendously loud crowd. Many faces in the crowd also had face paint on to match Aurora and this was easily noticeable in the light. Aurora opened her set with “Churchyard” a song off her 2018 Album, Infections Of A Different Kind – Step 1. She had an elegant presence on stage, and this was enhanced by her contemporary dancing across the stage in a beautifully flowing dress. Despite the majority of her songs being mellow, the crowd were all singing back harmoniously whilst dancing along with her. Towards the end of her set, she was thrown a Pride Flag which she danced around the stage with. She received an incredible reaction from this, leaving many members in the crowd with teary eyes. Aurora finished her set with Running With the Wolves but the crowd were not happy with this finish, they cheered and chanted until she came back out for an encore in which she performed her latest single Daydreamer which was only released on November 1st (9 days prior). All the crowd were involved and sang back to her, sending her off with big cheers lasting for minutes after she left.

Aurora put on an incredible performance from start to finish and it was one of the most incredibly designed sets/shows, I have ever seen both as a photographer or a ticket purchaser. Aurora is one to watch (as is Iris Caltwait) and a tour which is unmissable!

Words & Photographs by Josie Wheel –

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