JP Cooper – Birmingham

JP Cooper is a British singer, songwriter who has been making music since 2012.He peaked in 2016 when he was featured on Jonas Blue’s Single “Perfect Strangers” which peaked at number 2 in the UK singles chart! He released his debut album in October 2017 “Raised Under Grey Skies”. Since this, he has toured around the UK and performed at festivals across Europe!

JP Cooper had two support acts, Lucas Watt (supported by Ben Rothwell) and JC Stewart before his performance. Lucas Watt is an alternative singer-songwriter and loop pedal artist from Skipton. He had a very warm welcome from the crowd as he played his guitar. He sang a brand new song which had been released just 5 days prior called Dirty Teens. The crowd were very interactive and responded incredibly when he sang anew song about all the “conflict and changes in the world” called The Worlds Gone Mad.

After Lukas Watts, JC Stewart came out to the stage. JC Stewart is from Ireland and plays the guitar and keyboard. JC refers to himself as a “Professional Sad Boy” which is very fitting as his songs are very mellow and sad. As the majority of the crowd didn’t know any of his songs, he did a cover of Tennessee Whiskey which was a real hit with the crowd.

As JP Cooper prepared to come on stage, the lights dimmed and many from the audience took their phones out ready. He was welcomed by a very loud cheer and began his set with his song Wait from his album Raised Under Grey Skies. The crowd were singing back all the words whilst JP Cooper played his guitar. He sang the majority of his debut album alongside songs which he had feature on (Perfect Strangers). He also sang a cover of Stand by Me by Ben E. King which the crowd loved and got really involved in!

All three acts were a pleasure to photograph and watch. There are big things coming for both Lucas Watt and JC Stewart as the both continue to support tours across the UK and embark on their own tours. JP Cooper has just announced another full UK tour for April 2020 so look out for that!

Words and photographs by Josie Wheel – @josethelosephotos

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