Interview: Issues

An Interview with Tyler Carter & Skyler Accord

Favourite song off of the album and why?

Now on this question there was some hesitance coming from Skyler and after a few seconds he said his favourite song to listen to is “Heres to you” where as Tyler knew right away and anwsered with “Mine is definatley “Find Forever” and had this to say “Which I heard today was in our top five” with a big smile on his face.

Another favourite is “Second Best” Because of it going hard but having a melodic undertone.

Since Micheals departure how did it effect the writing process and the dynamic of the band?

Skyler: The biggest thing was going back to the drawing board, we knew in theory what we wanted to sound like but we didnt know how to get there at that time, We actually wrote the song “Without you” During the Headspace era, Which is on our new album and we got to the point where we loved the song but we didnt know what to do with the screams so we put it on the shelf and came back to it, Then “No Problem was written during the “Beautiful Oblivion” writing process and we all agreed that it was the first time we had ever acheived a true fusion as opposed to a metal band with R&B vibes.

Hardest song to perform live and why?

Tyler: I would say the hardest song is “Drink About It” the song is very hype and the crowd sings it and it help me out a lot but the verses are pretty low falsetto so its kind of hard to hit as my falsetto range is a lot higher so its right in – between a high and low so its almost a hybrid back and forth that I have to do with my vocals.

How soon after this album cycle can your fans expect new music from you guys.

With a little hesitation to anwser this question Tyler said “We would definatley like to get back to at least talking new music sooner rather than later and not leave our fans waiting so long, we wrote a lot of songs that we all really liked for this album but they just didnt fit in so it would be great to see where they go”

Lets talk “Flexin” – The video

Skyler: So for the video we wanted to go with a narrative that matched the song, which was not to take things to sereously, but every idea Tyler had was too expensive so we had to meet in the middle and we shot the video which were all really happy with.

What was the main influence for the new album?

Tyler: We cant really pin point one influence as there were so many for this whole record.

ISSUES are currently on the US leg of their tour.

For dates, Merch and anything else head over to –

Their new album “Beautiful Oblivion” Is out now!

Words & Photographs by Etc Photo –

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