New Hope Club, Birmingham

New Hope Club is a British pop trio who formed in 2015. The boys are Reece Bibby, Blake Richardson and George Smith. They were signed to The Vamps record label Steady Records after their cover of ‘Wake Up’ was posted to Youtube. They’ve supported The Vamps on tour since 2017 and still tour with them today! They released their debut EP “Welcome to the club” in 2017 and ever since have been releasing singles and another EP. They performed their first headline show in 2018 at Shepherds Bush Empire in London and since have been on a started their world tour, landing them in Birmingham, UK on the 29th of September.

New Hope Club had two support acts, Denis Coleman and The Tyne before their performance. Denis Coleman is a 16year old solo artist from the United States who despite his age put on an amazing show and really got the excitement building in the crowd. He was incredibly energetic on stage and this was soon reflected in the very interactive audience as everyone in the stalls was also dancing, jumping and singing. 

After Denis Coleman, the young trio, The Tyne made up of Daniel, Ryan and Cooper graced the stage! Noticeably they were incredibly young but as soon as they started singing some original songs, they amazed everyone with their talent! All three impressed the crowd with their voices but also their guitar playing skills. As they’re a newly formed band there was little interaction when singing originals, so the boys decided to sing Alright by Supergrass and soon all the crowd were singing back and getting more excited! Both support acts really “warmed up’ the crowd.

 As New Hope Club were getting ready to come on, there were very dramatic light changes leaving the fans waiting with great anticipation for them to come on. As the lights dimmed, there was a tremendously loud scream coming from everyone in the pit as Blake, George and Reece came running out onto the stage. The boys came on singing Medicine from their second EP and this got the crowd going! Everyone was singing back, dancing and clapping along. The boys really owned the stage and danced around whilst playing guitar and bass. Blake was very interactive with the crowd and was holding his microphone stand out to them to sing and later even jumped down to the barrier and stood close up with the crowd! All boys were smiling the whole time and really soaking up every moment on stage as where the fans.

 All three acts were a pleasure to photograph and watch and there are big things coming for all three of them! Especially watch out for New Hope Club as they carry on travelling around the UK and America later this year.

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