Ten Tonnes – Leeds Beckett Student Union, 11th October 2019

After a successful intimate show at Leeds famous Brudenell Social Club in May 2019 to promote his debut album, Ten Tonnes came back to town for an even bigger show as part of his Autumn European tour.

The venue was filling up and brimming with excitement as the audience awaited the start of the show, with support coming from Liverpool’s ZuZu, self described as “the definition of a millenial artist.” The millennial energy became greatly clear as she introduced her song ‘Money Back’, dedicating it to anyone who has done a university degree.  A wonderfully glittering ZuZu, dressed in a sparkling jacket and trousers, delivered an energetic set that even had audience members climbing onto each others shoulders and shouting out their appreciation. A shout of “I love you!” burst from within the audience, to which ZuZu replied with, “And I love you! Come to the merch stand after the show and we can have a good snuggle – you don’t even have to buy anything!” 

As the lights went down at 9pm, the crowd began to cheer as the opening riff of Sweet Caroline began playing, and on came Ten Tonnes. The audience certainly didn’t disappoint with their enthusiasm for the show; hardly a single song went by without the formation of a circle pit or a crowd surfer, with one determined lad continually surfing to the front and being passed over the barriers over and over again. Every song of Ten Tonnes is gloriously infectious, from the riffs, to the melodies to the lyrics, making it virtually impossible not to get into the spirit of the live atmosphere and sing and dance along. 

Following an action packed main set, the crowd began to cheer for an encore. Returning to the stage alone armed with an acoustic guitar, the audience were told “I’ve never done an encore before. But never in my life have I received so many tweets requesting that I play a certain song.” The crowd cheered in anticipation, with many of them most likely knowing what was coming; “This song is called Love Me To Death.” A sea of torch lights emerged, as the crowd swayed and sang along to the sweet love song. As he took a dutiful bow, the rest of the band then joined him onstage, and the audience of Leeds gave it their absolute all, clambering onto shoulders, moshing and crowd surfing for the final song of the night ‘Lucy’.

Overall it was a truly fantastic night, with great energy from both the crowd and all the performers. Ten Tonnes and ZuZu will definitely be on the list to see again in the future, and I’ll be counting down the minutes till I see them next.

Words and photos by Kate Hathaway   www.katehathaway.co.uk

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