Introducing: Gaz Mather

I should start by saying “ I am a photographer based out of Manchester” but in reality it’s not my job,  I am just a guy who owns an expensive camera and tries to take decent pictures.

I had absolutely ZERO interest in photography and only bought a camera to take pictures of my little girl as the ones from my cheap and nasty compact were awful and flat. I didn’t know an ISO from a Shutter Speed so quickly took to YouTube to figure this thing out ( because who reads the manual! )

Countless Youtube videos later and I have kinda gotta hang on how this little machine creates a memory. 

I shoot street, urbex, graffiti, landscape, in fact most genres but It’s my passion for music that keeps me mostly in a photo pit…be it  an Arena or one of the amazing small venues dotted around Manchester and surrounding cities. 

Am I lucky to do what I do ? Yes,  but it’s a massive commitment and desire to learn that has got me this far.

Find more of Gary’s work:

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