City Calm Down – Brudenell Social Club 28th September 2019

City Calm Down are a great band from Melbourne Australia, they are immensely talented musicians on their UK and Europe Tour before heading back to Australia.      

City Calm Down took to the stage at The Brudenell Social Club slightly later than expected due to technical difficulties, this only heightened your anticipation of their show. Little Hand Feet started the evening with their Soulful Art Rock style, from the very beginning Little Hand Feet brought energy in abundance and it was hard to not move along with them. The crowd had been warmed up and entertained ready for City Calm Down to headline the show.

City Calm Down came onto the stage with such confidence and presence that made you feel you were in for a good night. Lead singer Jack Bourke made his presence known from the opening when he sang with such passion and energy, he meant every lyric with every fibre of his body. Jack Bourke’s intensity was emphasised under the blue lights on stage making his eyes particularly prominent.

The crowd were at first quiet and intensely listened to City Calm Down, some people were swaying gently and nodding with the band somewhat subdued to the pace of the music and the deep lyrics of the songs. This all changed when the lead singer from Little Hand Feet ran straight to the front of the crowd and he danced with no inhibitions and just joy was expressed all over his face. The rest of the crowd jolted into action as they followed to dance without a care in the world. Jack Bourke acknowledged this at the end of the song by saying “Thank you Little Hand Feet for starting proceedings. The crowds energy continued throughout the rest of the show as I was being jostled about by people dancing and bumping into me as I took photos.

City Calm down have an 80’s influence from British pop culture of that time, Joy Division and the Smiths were highlighted as key bands of that time, giving City Calm Down their musical identity. The band have their unique style bringing in synth, saxophone as well as guitarists. The musicians have arranged the different sounds perfectly making something really quite complex sound easy.

The song Stuck on the Eastern soon changed to being stuck on the A1 as a fan shouts from the audience. The lyrics also changed in the song and the crowd cheered as they heard their local motorway mentioned in the song.
City Calm Down were a pleasure to watch and I feel they will continue to grow, doing bigger shows, gaining more fans as they travel on their UK and European Tour.

Words and photos by Richard Clark


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