Morganway release Self Titled Debut Album

Morganway/UE-Records [Release date 02.08.19]

I discovered Morganway last November when they played a show in Norwich and immediately became a fan. Morganway were formed in 2016 by brothers Callum (vocals, bass) and Kieran Morgan (lead guitar) along with keyboards player Matt Brocklehurst. Later joined by SJ Mortimer (vocals), Nicole J Terry (fiddle) and Ed Bullinger (drums). They have built up a reputation for their live performances as well as receiving accolades from Radio 2’s ‘Whispering’ Bob Harris and nominations at the British Country Music Awards (BCMA).

Fans will be familiar with the tracks as many have already appeared on past EP’s or have been played at their live shows.

The album kicks of with ‘My Love Ain’t Gonna Save You’ which starts slowly before exploding into a punchy rocky number, showcasing the brilliant harmonies of Callum and SJ. The second track is ‘Let Me Go’ it’s probably the most rockiest track on the album. SJ’s voice is powerful and you’d be forgiven for thinking of Fleetwood Mac (Rumours era). ‘In A Dream (Coming Home)’ is bouncy number what has a country feel to it, as is ‘London Life’, its very folk rock (with a touch of The Proclaimers!) that I can see being played on the radio.

SJ’s powerful vocal’s come to the fore on ‘Hurricane’, it’s a great rocking tune that again makes me think of Stevie Nicks and Fleetwood Mac. Perhaps Callum and SJ are the modern Buckingham and Nicks?

The closing track is their latest single ‘I Want No Other Love’, a strong and uplifting song that builds to a crescendo. The harmonies are sublime and you are left with a warm feeling.

Morganway have produced a stunning album that sounds fresh and original.  It shows off the creativity and versatility of the band.  Give it a listen, you won’t be disappointed.  Morganway are definitely a band with a bright future. If you’ve not seen them before then you must catch one of their live shows.

The album is being launched at two shows, an acoustic in Cambridge on Friday 2nd August and electric in Norwich on Sunday 4th August.
Morganway are then playing live at a number of shows and festivals.

‘Morganway’ – Tracklisting
1. My Love Ain’t Gonna Save You
2. Let Me Go
3. You Can Only Die Once
4. In A Dream (Coming Home)
5. Frozen In Our Time
6. London Life
7. Hurricane
8. New Way
9. Daylight Rising
10. I See People
11. I Want No Other Love

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