Introducing: Kate Hathaway

Hi, I’m Kate, and I am a freelance photographer from North-East England and Digital Journalism student at Leeds Beckett University.

I first took an interest in gig photography during my A Level photography classes. During my first photography A Level exam, I was given the word ‘community’ as a stimulus, and was tasked with creating imagery that would fit with the category. To begin with I was shooting imagery of different communities in the area that I lived, however I really wanted to start photographing within the live music community.

Having been an avid live music fan for many years already, it was a community that I felt myself, I belonged in the most. I’ve always been pegged as ‘the shy girl’, simply due to the fact that I tend to keep myself to myself, so going to see live music was the perfect environment for me, as it’s always so loud that it doesn’t matter if you aren’t especially chatty, as it’s virtually impossible to hear anyone speak! It was always an environment I enjoyed being in, and I would take every opportunity to get involved no matter who was on stage.

As my passion for photography and live music grew alongside each other, I naturally became interested in music photography. After going to see bands I would always look for professional photographers photographs afterwards, and became more and more determined to start shooting shows myself.

I found a couple of websites that would allow me to shoot for them, and began to learn my craft as a gig photographer. Ever since, I have loved the challenge that comes with gig photography, as every fellow live music photographer will know, no two shows are ever the same to shoot.

Whilst I enjoy shooting other varieties of photography, gig photography will always be my favourite genre to pursue, as there’s nothing quite like the feeling of stepping into the pit for those first three songs.

You can find examples of my work at, or follow me on instagram and facebook at @KateHathawayPhoto

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