Distractions – Sound City Manchester THIS FRIDAY!

Distractions is a three-day summit that debates the future of entertainment – a long weekend of debates, talks, panels, content and new music showcases with some of the world’s leading tech companies, artists and producers.

Presented by Manchester International Festival, Sound City and FutureEverything, developed by the Mayor of Greater Manchester, Andy Burnham and Greater Manchester Combined Authority, with the support of Peter Saville, Rose Marley and Modern Designers, Distractions explores how technology is shaping our entertainment experiences. 

Sound City Manchester is proud to be curating Friday 19th July at Distractions, along with FutureEverything and the Manchester International Festival across the whole weekend in the city. 

Friday 19th July: Sound City Manchester

Summit at Science & Industry Museum – Sabotage New Media, Modern English, La Duma, Terry Tyldsley, Michael Dugher, Andy Burnham, Social Chain, Rose Marley 

Showcase at Festival Square Pavilion – Lottery Winners, Francis Lung, See Thru Hands, Slow Knife, Mike Garry, Yemi Balotiwa, Prima, Evabee, Leatherparty, Grimm Twins, Lynchs Band

Bringing their expertise in music festival and conference delivery, Sound City have joined forces with Distractions to create Manchester’s newest, music and tech focused conference. The UK’s leading independent festival for new and emerging music is now augmenting its growth, leading an innovative day of music and debate in the city with a wide range of influential figures to the next wave of up and coming bands.

The day will start with the launch of the Greater Manchester Music Review, before a series of panel sessions start. Panels will discuss the pros and cons of tech in music, questioning whether these technological developments are enhancing our experiences or disconnecting us from our primal attraction to music. 

There will also be discussion of the myriad music technology options that could pave the way for a new era of music, and a look at the skills required in the modern day, exploring how the next generation of creators will navigate this tech-laden world and utilise these exciting new technological tools to enhance the music experience. 

Alongside the conference will run a free live music programme at Manchester International Festival Square, curated by an independent A&R panel, chaired by Oli Wilson. The showcase will shine a light on the very best musical talent in Greater Manchester. Jenna G will compere the Sound City music stage.

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