Introducing: Ruby Nixon

My addiction to live music photography began in 2015 while capturing a local event during my week long work experience with a media team – from there I never looked back. After working with a number of festivals, bands and magazines to push my creative expression, I began to realise what this passion truly meant to me. It was more than just snapping the first three songs of a performer, it was the ability to capture the visual poetry and energy of some of my favourite music artists – allowing me to create a new dimension of emotion that was felt and shared by audience members. I went on to work alongside musical artists to express their work visually – giving me a new lease of imagination as I could also use this to express my own photographic style and adoration for music. 

Despite shooting big acts such as The Darkness and Kate Nash, I always feel the most deeply connected with the bands that music reaches a new depth of connectivity with myself. I recently shot two of my favourite bands, SWMRS and Can’t Swim, being some of my favourite gigs as I was immersed in the love for the artists whilst also being able to do what I love through the means of photography to create something that tied the two passions together. 

I currently study Photography BA at Coventry University alongside working as a part-time freelance photographer, always pushing myself to find more gigs to capture. I also shoot fashion, fine art and portrait photography. 
I’m always looking for new indie/rock artists to listen to and work with!

Find me at @rubynixonphotography on Instagram.

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