10 YouTube Creators you should be watching for inspiration

It goes without saying that most gig photographer’s out there are self taught. .. regardless of education or background you just can’t learn your complete style without getting in the pit and going for it.

The YouTube community is second to none in learning tips and tricks from people with all kind of creative backgrounds and here at Shout About It we feel we can take a lot not just from gig photographers or creatives in a similar field but getting inspiration from all kinds of areas. Whether it’s tips and tricks or inspiration to get yourself motivated or the best workflow, it’s great to touch base and get your daily dose of inspiration.

You will have heard of a fair few of these but incase you’re looking for some YouTube channel inspo… here is a quick round up of some people you should Subscribe to!

Jared Polin – Awesome for camera tips & tricks

Casey Neistat – One of the World’s biggest names in YouTube

Mango Street – Photography tutorials that don’t waste your time

Jesse Driftwood – If you’re looking to up your Insta Story Game… go watch Jesse!

Sorelle Amore – Sorelle gets super creative with Selfies. Great channel if you’re looking to get into band promo shoots and need a few tips on directing the models!

Kai W – Straight up camera reviews and real world testing

Dan Mace – An awesome bru making movies that matter

Peter Mckinnon – Get super cinematic with your shots

Adam Elmakias – A gig photography giant

Luke Curtis – Learn how to market yourself better

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