Introducing: Stuart Hayes

I grew up wanting to be in a band, learnt to play guitar, played with some friends and quickly knew it wasn’t going to work. My love for music continued on though and I studied sound engineering in college and I dabbled in that for a time. Yet again it just wasn’t working out. Roll on a few years later and I got my first camera for taking travel/holiday snaps.

I’ve always been going to gigs and love supporting the local scene here in Mullingar. I decided to bring my camera to a local one-day music festival to see what I could capture. I loved every second of that night taking shots off all the bands. I walked away with some decent shots that prompted one of the bands to invite me to another gig to shoot for them. Everything snowballed from there and now almost a year later I’m lucky to have worked with a lot of cool bands in a lot of cool venues.

I started on an Olympus EM-5 which got me through the first 5 months or so then I upgraded to full-frame buying a second hand Nikon D700. Shot for a while with just the Nikkor 50mm 1.8 D, which is a great lens for what you pay for (Pennys). Recently I finally got a 24-70mm 2.8, very excited to finally have this lens in my bag.

If there’s any other Nikon shooters in the community let me know, I think we’re a dying breed! Looking forward to having the money to go back to mirrorless in the future.

You can follow my Instagram here.

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