NEW MUSIC: Free The Geezer

When I first listened to the The Manor “Free The Geezer” EP with the track “True Lies” the introductory sounds were similar to that of a meditation tape, I was unsure what to expect but I felt relaxed as I waited for the beat to build up. When the vocals came in rapping, I immediately paid close attention, as I have loved hip hop and rap since the 1990’s. The flow and the style of music was very relaxed and reminiscent of early garage bands. This was particularly apparent in track two “For Life” with the beat bringing sounds from the late 90’s garage scene. Their music sent me down memory lane, piling on the dance floors of bars and clubs in Nottingham with my friends and having a great time, trying to rap each bar, with drinks in both hands. Similar to the track “For Life” we would have said Boys For Life and friendship meaning a lot to each other. 

All three artists have a London accent each different with their tone and inflection. One of the rappers has a rich tone to his voice which makes listening incredibly easy. Whilst another rapper has a raw London accent which brings a different element to each of the tracks. The three of them have mastered their craft and tell their story well and their individual styles complement each other perfectly. 

“Only Fools & Nauses” speaks about when things aren’t quite going how they wanted and not going right. I’m sure a lot can relate when it’s only a Tuesday and it feels like it should be a Friday with everything that’s happened. 

The female vocals on the tracks were amazing as they complemented the rapping. The softness of her singing voice is silky smooth and the hooks are made more memorable, getting stuck in your head. The boys also hold a tune when they sing the hook to “Why’s Up” this demonstrates their talents further by being able to sing as well as rap. Their harmonies are backed several times which adds to the layers of the hook. 

I thoroughly enjoyed listening to Free The Geezer EP with their garage sounds. They had their own identity on the genre as they didn’t try to sound like other garage artists before them. The Manor have a great producer who has made each track sound different and has pushed garage music in a different direction, yet it has cleverly balanced a nostalgic feeling of the late 90’s. I look forward to hearing more about The Manor in the future and follow their journey and where they go from here. 

Review by Rich Clark


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