Introducing: Tatiana W Photos

Hi! My name is Tatiana, I go by TatianaWPhotos online. 

I’m a 17 year old UK based music photographer, working primarily around the Milton Keynes to London areas, but will happily travel if requested. I specialise in shooting gig photography, as well as currently experimenting more with studio as I progress in my A-Level photography work.

My love for music photography started ever since my first concert in 2015, where I spent the half the time taking photos on my phone, despite the awful quality of them. Ever since, I knew I enjoyed getting that one perfect shot at a concert, and wished I could take my camera. I got properly into shooting gigs when my friend, Alfie Templeman, began playing at local shows and I’d photograph him. I’ve more recently taken photos of him playing Brixton Academy, as well as other bands such as Dodie Clark, Sundara Karma and Orla Gartland. 

As well as photography, I also study A-Level English Literature, and will happily write up reviews and articles about shows or events if contacted by any magazines. 



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