Sarah Darling at Brudenell Social Club

Sarah Darling is an American Country Singer and song writer on the last day of her UK Tour. Sarah Darling wowed the crowd at the Brudenell Social Club with her angelic voice and natural stage presence. Every word was perfectly sung with her soft and soothing vocals.  The four-piece band complemented her beautifully with the bassist, keyboard player, guitarist and drummer who are all immensely talented. Sarah Darling sung with such ease telling her stories with natural ability, making it very easy to go on a journey with each song as she performed them. At the end of each song you were greeted with loud applause from the crowd who appeared to be consumed by her performance. 

The first of her three songs was called ‘Blue Sky’ from her forthcoming album Wonderland. The Leeds crowd were hooked from the first notes. The following track ‘Call Me’ got the crowd cheering as the song speaks out about the need to be someone’s buzz that they can’t live without. The fun lyrics set the tone and you feel the excitement come through the performance.  

Before starting her next song Sarah Darling spoke to the crowd thanking them for coming and for the warm welcome. She introduced the next song ‘London Fog’, talking about her experiences of London, living in the UK, writing and recording songs whilst living here. 

The fans loved hearing the song Where Cow Boys Ride, from her 2017 album Dream Country which went down well as the fans sang along. The crowd wanted more and they made this clear by chanting more at the top of their voices. They were not disappointed as she came back to sing one final song. 

Whilst Sarah performed, you could see her giving eye contact to the crowd, smiling and pointing to the audience. This made the show feel intimate and special as she made everyone feel welcome and included as if she were just singing to them alone. Sarah Darling’s down to earth charm makes her relatable and enjoyable to watch perform. For any country music fan, Sarah Darling is the artist to go and see live. 

Photos and Review by Richard Clark

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