Introducing: Thorsten Seiffert

I’m Thorsten Seiffert, a german based journalist, who – as a hobby guitarist – has ever been into live music. I have never been that kid that wanted to be a photographer, I always wanted to write though. But when I shot my first live show ( Anthrax in an overcrowded club with no pit), I know that this is it. So I taught myself the basics and kept going.

In the last years I worked and still work for german print magazines like Rock Hard, Eclipsed and more (also have been printed in mags like dutch Aardschock or japanese Burrn. From time to time I do some bandshootings or backstage stuff for these mags as well (Alice in Chains, Doro, Rob Halford).

Most of my works can also be found on my own Webzine

As many other photogs I have an imaginary bucket list of artists I need to shot in my head. Although I caught most of my musical heroes already (Kiss, Iron Maiden, Rammstein, Guns N’ Roses, Aerosmith, Steve Vai) there will ever be another goal.

I like the real big shows, but also packed clubs because of the different conditions you have to manage as a shooter. I shoot with Canon 5d MK4 and Canon 6D because I love the High Iso ability of these products.

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