Introducing: Rockrpix

It was never pre-planned and I can’t remember an exact sequence now but John Bull became ‘Rockrpix’ a few years ago when many planets slowly came into line and much like Jake & Elwood ‘I SAW THE LIGHT’ – A mixture of learning photography at school, studying Graphics at Art College, an unexciting job in design and the realisation that I was never going to be anything other that a really bad guitar player despite having a love of Music were all roads towards the wonderful world of ‘Being a Music Photographer’

Once I had caught this weird ‘Bug’, from the learning curve of shooting bands in dark pubs and progressing to larger venues, festivals and arenas ….it all became a bit of a strange obsession which I can’t easily explain to those uninfected but for me it’s something to do with the need to get an exciting shot despite varied challenging situations, lets call it Low Light Action Photography…. If it was easy, it would be boring, Right?

It’s not unusual to share a photo pit with maybe 20+ other really good photographers taking shots of exactly the same performers… You can tell me what you think, but hopefully my images are fairly distinctive, not necessarily ‘Better’ but my own interpretation and recognisable as ‘Rockrpix’

I’m not really a camera geek, I started with Nikon and I can use them in the dark now but I would be just as happy to use Canon or Sony or maybe even Fuji if they can take the battering. I think Mirrorless will be the future and if Nikon want one tested in arduous conditions, I’ll be happy to give it a bash.

I’m often struck by how similar photographers are to musicians. They both need to work at building up their name and reputation, picking up names, contacts and experience along the way…. and getting to that point where someone will actually pay you any money is never easy!  It’s a struggle and sadly hardly a week goes by where I don’t have to remind someone that….. ’Just like Music, Photography has a value’

You can checkout my images
at….Website http://www.rockrpix.comFacebook

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