While She Sleeps ‘Japan Show 2019’ at Unit in Tokyo

While She Sleeps ‘Japan Show 2019’ at Unit in Tokyo, on January 22, 2019 – By Aki Fujita Taguchi: https://www.aftphotography.tokyo

Finally I got to see While She Sleeps live on Tuesday night and they put on a furious show in Tokyo.

While She Sleeps are an English metalcore band from Sheffield, formed in 2006.

They came to Tokyo as a part of ‘So What Asia Tour’. This was their first headline show in Japan. I was lucky enough to get a chance to photograph their performance, because it was only one night show this time.

The venue ‘Unit’ with a capacity of 600 people is located in Daikanyama, which is next to Shibuya area. This place has many hip clothing shops and is packed with stylish atmosphere.

Japanese metalcore band Paledusk kicked off the night as an opening act. They are an up-and-coming band based in Fukuoka in western japan. Their raw energy was the perfect to make the cold room excited.

Then the supporting act Annalynn, from Thailand, took to the stage. They also play metalcore and have a loyal fan base in their country. They were loud as hell! The screamed vocals of frontman Nathaphon grasped the crowd’s attention and made them going crazy.

Now, the time has come. While She Sleeps finally appeared on the stage.

We were excited to witness one of the UK’s most vital metal bands.

They made the decision to cut ties with a major record label and ran a crowdfunding campaign for releasing their third album. ‘You Are We’ was released in 2017 as their first independent album and it achieved a great success. So I was able to see the band’s amazing attitude of valuing their fans.

One of the highlights of the show came from the first song.

They started the show with ‘Anti-Social’ from their upcoming album ‘So What?’, which will be released in March. It immediately brought about chaos and insanity to the venue. Countless number of people started crowd surfing and moshing, I didn’t know that young Japanese audiences were so brutal!

I actually got kicked in the face 2 times, but it was absolutely fun!

Frontman Lawrence bounded around the stage and dived into the crowd many times. His energy was insane and it lasted till the end. The crowd’s excitement and enthusiasm were amazing as well. They sang along loudly and perfectly throughout the show.

The furious intensity of the band seemed to incite the crowd to sedition.

The band were called backed for an encore and played the ‘Silence Speaks’. Originally, Oliver Sykes of Bring Me The Horizon sings the second vocal part. But it was different tonight. Koie from Japanese metal band Crossfaith came storming into the stage, dived into the crowd, and kept on screaming Oliver’s part. I’ve never seen such chaotic state of disorder. Japan is often said to be a peaceful country. But tonight it was totally wrong. People might be thirsty for violence.

They start European tour in February and head to The United States in May. Some of the shows have already been sold out. Get your tickets before it’s too late!

While She Sleeps website: https://www.whileshesleeps.com


Lawrence Taylor – Vocals

Sean Long – Guitar

Mat Welsh- Guitar / Vocals

Aaran Mckenzie – Bass

Adam Savage – Drums



You Are We


Seven Hills

Civil Isolation

Empire of Silence


Steal the Sun

Four Walls


Silence Speaks (with Kenta Koie from Crossfaith)

Our Courage, Our Cancer


Words and photos by Aki Fujita Taguchi: https://www.aftphotography.tokyo

Proofreading by Yosuke Taguchi

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