Introducing: Marion MS Photo

Hi, I’m Marion, I’m French and currently based in Edinburgh, Scotland and I have been into music photography for as long as I can remember! Fell into photography at a very young age thanks to my dad, who was a photographer himself. I got my first point and shoot film camera around the age of 6 or 7 and used up the whole roll in one hour! I was hooked!

I’m self-taught and always have been surrounded by music as most of my friends when I was a teen were playing in bands. Music photography came naturally to me as I was shooting their concerts. Not gonna lie, my photos weren’t the best at the time but not the worst either so it encouraged me to continue and improve!

My photography career really jump started when I moved to Toronto, Canada in 2013 where I ended up shooting shows almost every nights for two years, smaller and bigger acts, for a local publication. I had the chance to work with a few bands and some of my photos being shared on their social media. Quite the confidence booster if you ask me!

Since then, I moved back to France then to Ireland and shot some gigs in the process. My main music scene is alternative rock, hardcore and metal. Recently upgraded my gear to full frame with a Canon 6D Mk II complete with a Sigma 35mm art, cannot tell you how good this felt. I dragged my last camera to its very end, a trusty 50D, after 7 years of loyal service, it was due for a level up.  

There is no other feeling comparable to being able to experience your favourite bands live, feeling the energy and translating it into an image to then share with the world. I love the challenge of getting the best shots while balancing lowlights and the crowd. I am so looking forward to all the opportunities the UK has to offer!

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