Introducing: Josie Wheel

Oh hey there! Welcome back…. it’s 2019 and we are so ready to get back to spreading gig photography all over the world! Let’s start the New Year off in style by introducing photographer – Josie Wheel!

At just 16, Josie is still sitting her GCSE exams and her work is incredible with massive gigs such as Bastille, Sigrid and Anne Marie in the bag we are so excited to follow her journey and share her awesome work. Welcome to Shout About It, Josie!

Anne Marie

HI, im Josie and Im 16 from The Midlands! I am still in school and am sitting my GCSE exams this year and one of them is Photography. I have had a passion for photography from a very young age and was always behind the camera and never in the family photos.

My love for music began to grow as I got older, this led to me going to countless gigs a month and travelling up and down the country to see my favourite artists live! I have camped from stupid hours in the morning, bought tickets on the day, and enjoyed every second of it. I would photograph the gig on whatever iPhone I had at the time and i began to love this type of photography! I then got a new camera for my birthday (Canon Powershot) which was small enough to take into a gig venue but good enough to get high quality photos and since then I have fallen in love with concert photography.

Processed with VSCO with dog2 preset

I think the first concert I took my camera too was Jacob Whiteside at the beginning of 2017 and since then its been all over the country with me and photographed more than 30 artists !  Even though i’ve been taking photos from the crowd for over 2 years, I have only managed to get a photographers pass once and it was such an amazing experience. I knew the support act for the gig and they were able to pull some strings and help me out and since then i have been driven and striving to shoot more and more gigs professionally!

My favourite artist I’ve ever photographed from the crowd has to be dodie as she has such an amazing stage presence and her lighting and staging is always gorgeous, however Orla Gartland and Hudson Taylor will always hold a special place in my heart as that was the first gig I had my DSLR and was able to shoot properly. No show i have ever been to has been the same and there is always a winning feeling at the end to see you have an amazing shot! 

Instagram – @Josethelosephotos

Website –

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