Introducing: Rich Clark

Throughout the year, we’ve been introducing the amazing people who make Shout About It an amazing community.  This time it’s Harrogate based Rich Clark 🙂

“I have been interested in photography on and off for most of my life but I started properly again in 2010. Landscapes were my original draw as it is so accessible but I soon became interested in people. I love music and live music in particular and my friend Will Robinson manages I’m Not From London a music promoter from Nottingham and he asked me to shoot some of the bands and artists he promotes. I was hooked from the second I was at the gig with my camera in my hand. This opened up the door for many other opportunities that I never knew was possible.

I shoot with Nikon, it’s a brand I have known for a long time and the camera kit feels natural and intuitive as I know it so well. The 24-70 lens is my versatile work horse that I use in many gigs as it is so good in low light. 

 I love music photography because you can’t beat live music being performed as there is so much energy from the band and it creates an electric atmosphere with the crowd. I like to try to capture some of that energy in their performance and also freeze a moment that cannot be captured again. 

My best experience has to be when I was at Glow Worm Festival at Clumber Park in 2016 which was sponsored by IKEA and I’m Not From London were organising bands on the music stage. I was talking to some people in the backstage area when an events person asked if anyone could shoot Dick and Dom doing their DJ set and In Da Bungalow as there wasn’t a photographer available. I said I could do it and then realised what I had said as both nerves and excitement hit me. Before I knew it I was being ushered towards the front of the stage and was pointed to the side where I could shoot and stay out of their way during their performance. It was a phenomenal experience that I will never forget.

There are so many on my bucket list: Mumford and Sons, The Sreets, Arctic Monkeys, Slum Village, Talib Kweli, Nas, Foo Fighters, George Ezra, Gza and or RZA from Wu Tang Clan, Krs-one, Rita Ora, Taylor Swift, Anne-Marie and many more!

In my early stages of music photography it felt like people would be happy to have their photos taken and then either not pay for the images or use my images by taking the watermark off and sharing on social media. When this happens you struggle to maximise your exposure because your watermark has been removed and they won’t credit you for the work that has been done. For every photographer it is important to be valued and this to be demonstrated by either credit or financial benefits depending on what has been agreed.   

I would encourage anyone who is interested in music photography to ask friends who are in bands, email small venues to get access to shoot the bands. See if you like it, get as much experience as possible and build up a portfolio. Once you have a portfolio don’t be afraid to reach out to people in the music industry and get to know the bands as it will be a good opportunity to get hired for future shoots on and off stage. Be prepared to get either no response or to be told no. Work hard and it will pay off, as there is always a place for music photographers to show their work to the world. It took me a while to establish my own style of music photography as I studied other photographers and I used some of their ideas for composition but always be true to yourself and the style you want to shoot. “

If you want to see more of Rich’s amazing work, you can head to his website or social media:

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