Magnum – 27th November The Norwich Waterfront.

Last week, Mark Stimpson made his way down to The Norwich Waterfront to capture Magnum in all their glory, reliving old memories as well as creating new ones.  Check out how Mark thought the gig went, followed by some incredible images as usual!

“I first saw Magnum in the mid 1980’s following the release of their sixth studio album Vigilante. I was blown away by their performance on stage and have been a fan ever since. Now with the release of their 20th Studio album, Magnum are coming to the end of their autumn leg of the ‘Lost On The Road To Eternity’ tour.

The show started with the support, Reds’Cool, a Russian five-piece who I (and like most of the audience) had never heard of before. They soon had the crowd rocking with their mix of modern melodic rock songs getting the evening off to a flying start.

Long term members Harry James and Mark Stanway have left the band and I was interested to see how Magnum would sound live with the new line-up.  I need not have worried as both Rick Benton and Lee Morris seem to perfectly fit right in.

Magnum’s set opened with ‘Wild Swan’ from Wings of Heaven which heralded the beginning of an evening of a perfect mix of new songs from ‘Lost On The Road To Eternity’ and old favourites. Bob Catley’s voice was on top form and despite being in his early seventies, is still going strong, darting across the stage like a whirling dervish   His partner in crime, Tony Clarkin let his guitar do the talking with great riffs and solo’s. For me, the highlights of the evening were without a doubt Clarkin’s solo in ‘How Far Jerusalem’ and ‘Show me Your Hands’. Then came Vigilante which was totally awesome.

The set ended all too soon but not before with encores ‘The Spirit’ (with audience singing along}, and ‘Sacred Hour’. A fantastic evening from a band still at the top of their game. “

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