Wandering Hearts, Arts Club Liverpool

2018 has been one hell of a year for Wandering Hearts and their performance at Liverpool’s Arts Club last night showed exactly why.

It goes without saying the groups harmonies are beyond incredible. AJ, Tara, Chess & Tim have a perfect blend of vocals that light up the room. The band played a jam packed set of songs from their album – Wild Silence including songs such as ‘Til The Day I Die’ which is set for release with their deluxe album early next year.

Throughout the set the band talked about their journey and stories behind the music which was clearly appreciated by an audience silenced listening to their every word. As the Merseyside Derby approaches, the band even made a joke reference to the red and blues when they introduced their song ‘Fire and Water’ which always go down well to a Liverpool crowd.

For me the stand out moment of the gig was when the four of them came together and huddled close to sing an acoustic version of ‘Burning Bridges’. They received applauses at length throughout the duration of the show but this song certainly got the loudest cheer.

All in all, The Wandering Hearts played a compelling set list and I don’t doubt the next time they return to Liverpool it will be to play a much bigger venue.

Photos & Words by Georgia Flynn

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