Hi-Fi Serious! In FULL!

November is set to be a busy month for Alt rockers ‘A’ as they embark on their UK tour, with support from Wheatus and InMe! With a 9 day tour now underway the band set out to play the whole of of ‘Hi-Fi-Serious’ along with other tracks from their impressive 25 year career.

If this wasnt enough having Wheatus and InMe on board really was a blast from the past with most of the crowd, all of whom loved every moment as if it was fresh music when they played at Nottinghams Rock City.

‘Hi-Fi Serious’ was first released in 2002 as their third studio release and spawned Top 10 Hit  single ‘Nothing’. With recent tours including Hell Is For Heroes earlier in the year, it is great to see the band still going as hard as ever! And this time the band were joined by Dougie Poynter (former McFly guitarist) whos energy really went hand in hand with the bands and was an excellent addition to the band.

Remaining dates can be seen below, this is such a good performance from all three bands.
Tickets available at: https://bit.ly/2z81gJQ

Photos from the concert can be seen below, as captured by Andy Tatt
Website: http://andytatt.com/
Instagram: andytattphoto




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