Fujifilms latest camera X-T3 in action

Saltwater Sun, Blushes, San Pedro’s Vision and Spiral Eyes EBGB’s 22 Sep 2018 and review of Fujifilms latest camera the X-T3

Warren Millar armed with his new Fujifilm X-T3 took on Saltwater Sun’s gig at EBGB’s on Saturday Night.

First up on stage where local band Spiral Eyes who warmed the punters up with an indie set of original music and a few covers. San Pedros Vision where next adding to the night very nicely with their Psych, punchy garage sound. Worth a mention here would be the great vocals from Dean Saunders and some cracking guitar riffs from “Bottle”

Then came main support Blushes from Aylesbury who are currently on their mini tour which ends in London on the 1st of November at The Monarch. Blushes seemed to have brought quite a few fans of theirs and towards the end of the set even invited a few on stage with them all joining in with the singing and dancing around keyboard player Tiffany Marie. A lot of selfies were taken.

Blushes are well worth checking out and next play on the 4th Oct at Jimmys in Manchester.

Headliners Saltwater Sun didn’t mess around with their set getting the crowd dancing and singing along to their songs. Jennifer Stearnes bossed the stage with a great energetic filled performance in her white boiler suit and I for one will be keeping an eye out for the next time these guys are in town . I think these could be one to watch in the future.

Really great night at EBGB’s and a big shout out to the gals & guys at PoppedMusic for putting on yet another amazing gig.

So now lets see what I thought of the new camera from Fujifilm. This is not a big indepth review of all the technical details of this new mirrorless camera from Fujifilm, its my short view on how I think this camera will work at gigs.

Having only got the X-T3 on its release date 20th September and due to the fact that Adobe haven’t added the update to allow raw files to be worked on from it yet I shot the gig on Fine Jpegs. I got the black version of the camera (as I do think this is the best option for gig photographers) and also got the battery grip as well which takes a further two batteries for extra battery life, and also I will be using the X-T3 with my 50-140 f2.8 and wanted the camera  to be as balanced as possible.

So my set up at gigs now will be my X-T3 with the 50-140 f2.8 and my X-T20 with my 16-55 f2.8 for wider shots. Im also keeping my X-T1 but setting this up purely for flash photography at press boards and the like.

As I was at EBGB’s for this gig (where you get very close to the action) I did use the 16-55 f2.8 on the X-T3.

Having opted out of getting the X-T2 and sticking with my trusty X-T1 I was told I would see a vast improvement in the performance of the X-T3, and boy were they right. Focus is lighting speed compared to the X-T1 and no shutter lag whatsoever. The fast focus speed has a lot to do with the new back-illuminated 26MP X-Trans CMOS 4 sensor and X-Processor 4 image processing engine and Fujifilm has revealed that the X-T3’s X-Trans CMOS 4 sensor boasts four times the number of phase detection pixels than the camera’s predecessor (the X-T2) and the more recent X-H1 – this has increased the phase detection AF area to cover approximately 100% of the frame. Improvements have also been made to the mirrorless camera’s low-light performance. The X-T3’s native ISO range is 160-12,800 – this is slightly broader than the X-T2 and X-H1’s 200-12,800 and low light AF down to -3EV.

I set my X-T3 up to my usual shooting style but set the auto ISO setting from 16 to 12,800. EBGB’s was prob one of the best venues to try out the focusing on this camera at low light levels and it was bloody good !!

A few nice improvements also to the dials and buttons on the top of the camera where also nice to see and meant that now they can’t be knocked out of place, Nice one Fujifilm.

I know the Fujifilm X series will not be to everyone’s taste with its retro looks and style but for me it’s classy no matter which X-T you use, especially if you come from the film days, they are a real joy to use in my eyes.

So do I think the X-T3 will cut it in the real world of gig photography here’s my two word answer

“Hell Yeah, No probs”

(I know that’s four words) but honestly this camera seems to be like that, it gives you a lot more than you used to have but then blows you away with a little bit more !

Words & Photographs by Warren Millar



Twitter @Warrenphotog

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