A photographic tribute to Liverpool Legend Tony Butler

Tony Butler was a Liverpool legend who played a massive part in the Liverpool Music Scene and influencing grassroots communities like us to push forward and support each other.

Times like this are difficult to put into words so we wanted to show are respect in the way we know best. The Zanzibar Club in Liverpool has been home for so many musicians, bands, artists, photographers and fans who have attended gigs there. Tony was one of the most supportive, honest and friendly guys we have ever had the pleasure of meeting. There are many venues around the UK that don’t make photographers feel at home but Tony always made Zanzibar such a friendly & fun place to head to photograph a gig.

Tony will be remembered for nothing other than his love & support for the Liverpool music scene. Our thoughts & prayers are with his family at this difficult time.

The photographs below showcase exactly what Tony created, a thrilling venue that gave so many people their first gig.

Peace & Love ❤ x

28 Costumes – Sakura
Cubical – Sakura
Damo Suzuki – Sakura
John Bandit – Sakura
Mugstar – Sakura
the sweetcorns-23-12-2005-19
The Sweetcorns – Sakura
the wombats-08-07-2008-22
The Wombats – Sakura
The Fountains – Sakura
The Janitors – Sakura
The Pendantics – Sakura
Zombina – Sakura
Marc Terry – Georgia Flynn Creative
Broken Witt Rebels – Georgia Flynn Creative
Generation – Georgia Flynn Creative
Seprona – Georgia Flynn Creative
The Jjohns – Georgia Flynn Creative
Himalayas – Georgia Flynn Creative
Sheafs – Georgia Flynn Creative
Sheafs – Georgia Flynn Creative
Brothers Of Mine – Georgia Flynn Creative
Calling Alaska Zanziba Dec 2017
Calling Alaska – Warren Millar
David Barnicle Zanziba January 2017
David Barnicle – Warren Millar
Halem Zanziba January 2017
Halem – Warren Millar
Scarlet Zanziba January 2017
Scarlet – Warren Millar
The Tea Street Band Zanziba January 2017
The Tea Street Band – Warren Millar

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