We catch up with festival headliners ‘Rews’

It’s finally the week of Shout About It Live! We are so excited to bring you a whole host of live music and gig photography at Constellations this weekend.

As a female on the ‘events’ side of the music industry. I certainly feel passionate about making sure I can give Shout About It line ups a good mix of both men & women. This year, I am delighted to have the lovely Rews as our headliners. They are certainly a favourite amongst gig photographers and I cannot wait to see them smash it this weekend! Find out more about Rews below!

Not got your ticket yet? Don’t panic! You can get them here.

Hey, How are you both?

Hello!  We are keeping very well thank you!

How would you describe ‘Rews’?

We would describe REWS as high energy, alternative feel good rock music with pop sensibilities!

Tell us about your album PYRO, what was it like putting it together?

We are very proud of PYRO and its journey had many chapters!!

We spent a few years fine tuning our sound and working on material that represented what we’re about.  In 2017, we signed with Marshall Records and began recording our album in the legendary Abbey Road Studios (and Tileyard Studios).  We used this opportunity to record this collection of our songs with an awesome team of engineers and creative geniuses and it took us around 2 months from start to finish!! Like an explosion – Pyro was born! The album recording process was certainly a whirlwind of emotions and involved tremendous hard work which has got us to where we are right now!

What is your favourite song to perform on the album and why?

Shauna : The songs change from show to show but at the moment, I love playing Shine because I can get lost in the riffs and allows time to be dynamic with the vocal and connect with the audience.

Collette : I love playing We Explode, I’m usually trying my hardest not to pass out as it’s really full on drum wise at the end haha! Miss you in the dark is also great as it creates this chilled vibe for people to dance too.

What music are you listening to right now?

Collette : I love finding new gems and supporting friends bands; Jaws, Yonaka, Anteros and Press to Meco

Shauna :  I’m really digging VANT,  Zero 7 and Dead! at the moment!

Obviously, Shout About It is all about celebrating gig photography. How important is gig photography to you and why?

We are very much reliant on the generosity of fabulous gig photographers at this stage in our career as a skilled photographer captures that moment and helps to translate what it is that you do on stage for those who are yet to be convinced or a memory for those who already know!

We think the quote ‘A picture is worth ten thousand words” says it all.

What can people expect from your performance at Shout About It Live?

They can expect a big noise, big choruses and to lose themselves for a while! 🙂

What’s in the pipeline for REWS?

We have loads of surprises to announce in the coming months but our latest exciting news is our support tour with Halestorm in the UK this Autumn!  We also will be dropping another single and we will be working on new material for the next album!  Keep your ears peeled!

Get your tickets for Shout About It Live here

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