Introducing – Horacio Photos

Metal concerts have always been a visual spectacle to me. From the first concert I attended in December 2003, I instantly fell in love with what I saw. The lights syncing up to the chaos on stage. The chaos emanating from the stage infecting and taking over the rowdy crowd. At the time, I wasn’t familiar with a DSLR camera so when going to concerts afterwards, I would take a point-and-shoot digital camera to freeze these moments. The results, needless to say, weren’t so impressive.

I started getting into concert photography with a DSLR a few years ago, finding small local venues that had no problem with me showing up with my DSLR. I am definitely learning more about the process of obtaining Photo Passes for slightly larger venues (1000+ people in attendance) while still getting my shots in smaller but more accessible venues, such as the World Famous Whiskey a Go Go in Hollywood, California.

Due to a recent setback (theft of my Nikon D500), I am back to shooting with my Nikon D3300…for now. I no doubt will be shooting with a D500 once again!

 You can check out more of my photography (which also includes a strong emphasis on Photojournalism, Street Photography and Long Exposure shots as well as more concert shots) at my website:

Or you can follow me on Instagram @horacio_photos


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