Brothers Of Mine – Hangar 34

On Saturday night, Liverpool lads Brothers Of Mine took to stage for their biggest Liverpool show to date with I Love Live. Coming onto a dark stage lit only by bright LED tube lights with an acapella recording and smashing into Wasted, the night was off to an electric start. Their latest single ‘First Time’ went down a treat with the crowd singing the lyrics back at the band. With new tracks such as ‘Productive’ generating a lot of buzz, it’s clear that this band are going from strength to strength.  Catch Brothers Of Mine at Shout About It Live this year, tickets available via Skiddle

Anyway, you know we’re not about words here at Shout About It so here are some fantastic shots from Liverpool based photographer Gary Coughlan.

Find more of Gary’s work:
Instagram:  garycoughlanphoto
Twitter: @garycoughlan

Brothers of Mine - Hanger34 - Full-1Brothers of Mine - Hanger34 - Full-14Brothers of Mine - Hanger34 - Full-15Brothers of Mine - Hanger34 - Full-26Brothers of Mine - Hanger34 - Full-30Brothers of Mine - Hanger34 - Full-34Brothers of Mine - Hanger34 - Full-40Brothers of Mine - Hanger34 - Full-39Brothers of Mine - Hanger34 - Full-36Brothers of Mine - Hanger34 - Full-43Brothers of Mine - Hanger34 - Full-48Brothers of Mine - Hanger34 - Full-53Brothers of Mine - Hanger34 - Full-72Brothers of Mine - Hanger34 - Full-85

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