Tune-yards, Attenborough Centre Brighton – 16 Beasley St

Tucked away on the Sussex Uni campus, the Attenborough Centre for the Creative Arts is an unlikely looking gig venue. Originally a Grade II listed building, its geometric design stands out amongst the flurries of snow invading Brighton. Inside there’s a beautifully designed auditorium which quickly fills up for a much anticipated performance from Tune-yards.

The brainchild of Merrill Garbus, Tune-yards’  music draws from an eclectic mix of global influences and incorporates Garbus on vocals, ukulele and a masterful use of loop pedals, joined by bass playing collaborator Nate Brenner. Currently drumming with them on tour is Hamir Atwal, a respected percussionist in his own right.
Kicking off with the atmospheric Home then launching straight into firm favourite Look At Your Hands, the crowd is on board from the outset and goes on to savour old and new tracks from Gangsta through to the bouncing current single Heart Attack.
The latest Tune-yards’ album I Can Feel You Creep Into My Private Life has met with much acclaim, described in The Guardian as ‘…a very 2018 kind of album, social justice meditation workshop and all…it occasionally makes you grit your teeth and wince, but far more often it makes you want to dance – and there’s something weirdly compelling about it all’. I didn’t see anyone gritting their teeth but there was certainly plenty of dancing and compelling is a fair word to sum up the trio’s stage presence; lots to see, lots to hear and a general sense of wellbeing in the room. Fortunately we didn’t get snowed in, though if we had at least the entertainment wouldn’t have been lacking and I’m not sure there would have been too many complaints.
Words & Photographs by 16 Beasley St – https://16beasleystphotography.com/

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