#SAIPhotoADay Week 3 Roundup

21 Days has passed of the challenge and the 30 day mark is fast approaching.

Before we go any further, we just want to say how much we have loved seeing everyones work, and bringing up images we may have missed first time round. But Bernie McAllister (aka @beemacay) summarised it brilliantly…

“This has been fab, it has made me revisit work I had forgotten about, made me think about what I do and shoot. Best kick up the butt :)”.

We don’t want to get soppy on you guys but there are so many great photographers out there and we love providing a platform to help it reach new audiences. Be proud of your work because its probably Kick Ass!!

Heres some more of the best bits we have seen across in the last week.

Without name dropping, our contributors photograph some pretty cool people hey?!

Keep your images coming we love them!! You can follow the work on Twitter or Instagram using the hashtag #saiphotoaday

Day 15 Favourite Venue

Day 16 Close Up

Day 17 Full Band

Day 18 Acoustic Artist

Day 19 Female

Day 20 Male

Day 21 Stage Design

To all those taking part across Instagram and Twitter, keep doing your thing, we love it!!

Aki Fujita Taguchi – @a.f.t.photography
Andy Tatt – @andytattphoto 
Bernie McAllister – @beemacay
Gary Coughlan – @garycoughlanphoto
Georgia Flynn – @georgiaflynncreative
John Gilleese – @johngilleese
Kerri Clarke – @exposing_shadows
Marc Leach – @mleachphotog
Mark Stimpson – @markstimpson
Michael Buch – @bluecobalt_photography
Schrodinger’s Cat – @shauntookphotos
Stu Moulding – @oohshootstu
Wren Thru a Lens – @wrenthrualens

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