Independent Venue Week

Independent Venue Week has been in full swing with people coming together around the country to celebrate and support the venues that hold the start of adventures for many. As photographers we start off in small independent venues with little light or space to shoot and it’s the greatest challenge.

IVW started out in 2014 with just 17 venues putting on events, fast forward to 2018 and there are now 180 venues putting on events across the UK and is set to launch in the US this summer. To celebrate Independent Venues, we reached out to gig photographers to share their work.

Red Rum Club – EBGBs – Photographed by Georgia Flynn –

Mono in Kings Court and Stereo in Renfield Lane
First is Spinning Coin at Mono, second is A Certain Ratio at Stereo. Back to both venues this and next month. Spinning Coin supporting Orielles in Mono and A Certain Ratio back to Stereo in March. Photographs by Ross Hunter.
Hare & Hounds, Kings Heath, Birmingham 31st January 2018
Artist -The Weather Station
Photography by Ian Dunn
Strangers – The Jacaranda – Liverpool
Fillmore, San Francisco, CA., artist: K. Flay credits: Kris Comer, instagram: @kris_comer_photography

Tyler Childers – Brighton Komedia – 29.1.18 – Photographed by Jamie Macmillan – @jamiemacphotos

KIRBY – Queens Hall Nuneaton

John McPhee mcpheemedia



Takeb at Bulungan Blok M, its an open air venue and mostly all underground music are performed and held in this place. Since 1980 Bulungan are most knowing place at jakarta Indonesia underground scne from all genre’s but mostly extreme metal

Photographed by @myrockinphoto : Gede Adhiputra freelance music photographer from Indonesia

Photos above by Tom Adam – see more of his work at


Photographer: Milly –


A young performance artist Martin Herian balancing a guitar at
Balkan Bashavel in Véčko, Bratislava, Slovakia.
The former University club regularly hosts crazy dance events like this.
Taking pictures there on stage and backstage is always challenge and honor!

Photographer Ondrej Koščík /

I think we speak on behalf of all gig photographers when we say a massive thank you to independent venues and everyone behind them.

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