Cirque Du Soul – The Road To El Dorado

Cirque Du Soul is described as “a travelling collective energy of colour, magic and dance” and we 100% agree.

The team of open minded playful party goers are currently on part 1 of their Road to El Dorado, with the final destination being Eastnor Castle, Herefordshire for El Dorado Festival being held on 29th June till 2nd July 2017.

Part 1 of the journey has seen the energetic production visit Cardiff, Nottingham, Bristol, Birmingham, Leeds and Newcastle so far with the ‘bass and uninhibited bohemia’ reaching Liverpool, Exeter, Bournemouth and Edinburgh.

…and then, its not long before Part 2 kicks off in full force, starting on 1st March in Leeds, then travelling through Exeter, Liverpool, Oxford, Cardiff, Nottingham, Birmingham, London and Bristol. Leaving just over a small space of time until the final stop leaves the team at El Dorado Festival.

If you want an insane night of your life, get yourself down to one of these nights. Its worth every second, with the crew fully decorating the venues from floor to ceiling.

You can see all dates by clicking here.

Photos are below
Photographer: Andy Tatt
Instagram: andytattphoto


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