Introducing – Adriana Vasile

Welcoming another talent to our team of insane photographers, Birmingham based, Adriana Vasile.

“If you’re ever going to be in the photo pit and come across a long-haired redhead that smiles and sings along with the band, while shooting most of the time down on one knee, that’d probably be me.

My journey as a music & events photographer started quite sudden, when I applied to join New Street Records’ photography team at the last minute. Who would’ve known that after only 2 years I’d become head of the photo & video NSR team, be contributing to two webzines, a newspaper and have covered a few festivals in West Midlands, to name just a few of the great things that happened since I sent that email.

Now I can’t imagine myself without those 15 minutes I get to stay so close to the stage with every gig. Seeing artists I’ve either been listening to for years, or only recently discovered, playing right in front of me while I get to capture some of their best moments is an invaluable experience for me. One of my biggest dreams is to take all this even further one day, as a tour photographer.”

If you want to see some of Adriana’s work scroll down a little bit or alternatively you can see more of her work on the following links:

Instagram: Adriana.v.i
Twitter: Adriana_v_i
Facebook: AdrianaVPhoto

IMG_2013IMG_3574IMG_5938IMG_6981IMG_8455IMG_9580IMG_9690nextStopMars (16)The Script (5)

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