Introducing: Ernesto Rogata

2017 saw us introduce a lot of insane photographers to our team who we are immensely proud to have on board and 2018 is going to be no different. As our empire expands, we welcome music photographer’s from all walks of life, all sharing one goal – to capture the intensity and atmosphere at gigs across the globe.

Today we introduce Ernesto Rogata. You can read more about Ernesto on his site and also see more of his great work, all you need to do is click here.

Ernesto waskind enough to share a few words with us

“I am very chuffed and honoured to be ‘shouted about’ in this great community.

Thanks Georgia, for inviting me!

I love shooting live music and no matter how many gigs I go to, that exhilarating wait for the band to come out, the privilege of being where nobody else can go, the noise, the fans, that fleeting moment of interaction with the artist… you can’t beat it.

A very good and demanding day job (I am a video editor, motion graphics designer and trainer for Sky TV in London) means that I have never properly developed my live music photography and that is exactly my new year’s resolution for 2018. Coming across Shout About It on Twitter on New Year’s Day is exactly what I needed!

I work for an agency called Loop Images and also give photos to Welsh magazine Buzz and to my local paper The Harrogate Advertiser. Highlight of 2017 for me was probably going to Latitude for Loop Images.

Enough of my words – I shall let you (hopefully) enjoy my work. I just wanted to mention my recent shot of Liam Gallagher which got quite a lot of attention on Instagram. After 2 songs, while all the other photographers were packed together in one small area of the pit I decided to move away and find a different shot. Liam noticed me immediately and was clearly intrigued; he stared straight at me for a few seconds before turning away.

Here’s to a really great 2018 for all of you! “

We wish not only Ernesto but all our existing photographers and also new collaborators the best 2018 possible. We are here to give you a platform to display your work, no matter what ability you think you are at, your work means something to us and tells a story.

If you want to get involved drop us an email at

To hear more about Ernesto and see his incredible shots, you can follow him on:

Insta: ernesto.rogata
ElbowGOLDFRAPP-1Green-DayIbibo-Sound-MachineLiam Gallagher-(6-of-11)MAVIS-STAPLES-2MUMFORD-&-SONS-4SlavesTHE-1975-4

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