Introducing: Kal Ahmed

Introducing Kal Ahmed, Birmingham based photographer specialising in live music photography, as well as this, he also covers weddings, portraits, corporate and social events.

You can find Kals work in a various publicists, regularly contributing to Rock Nation and Infrared magazine as their UK based photographer and UK photographer for US based Livewire magazine.

He has also had work published in Zero Tolerance magazine. Metal Hammer and and is regularly contributor to ROCKwell Unscene Magazine and

You can see Kals work on the following channels:

BSR 4FB_IMG_1500515996205FB_IMG_1500516021024FB_IMG_1507334245097FB_IMG_1507901987557FB_IMG_1507902604758FB_IMG_1508166280877FB_IMG_1508428473140FB_IMG_1510711532009FB_IMG_1510711568300FB_IMG_1510847380369IMG_20170906_010331_389IMG_20170906_010447_120IMG_20171013_010511_438IMG_20171013_181315_001IMG_20171116_155858_691Screenshot_20170820-150655Skindred 2

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