The Cribs with support from Pins and Peaness, Student Central London 15.12.17

Currently gifting their fans the best of Christmas presents, The Cribs are in the midst of a run of residencies across the UK. They arrived in London in style with 3 nights at Student Central, bringing along some awesome hand picked support bands and changing setlists spanning their whole discography.
Opening on the Friday night, Peaness surely picked up some new fans with their own brand of indie ‘pea-pop’. Next up, Pins gave a stunning performance; a band constantly upping their game and well worth checking out live.
Finally The Cribs hit the stage, barely pausing for breath as they steamed into a trio of firm crowd pleasers with Our Bovine Public, Come On Be A No-one and Men’s Needs. Their set continued with the crowd singing along word for word, a plethora of surfers, airborne beer and a request spot resulting in a rare airing of On The Floor from the very early days.

Back in 2008 Q Magazine described The Cribs as ‘the biggest cult band in the UK’.  Nearly 10 years on and with a fiercely loyal fanbase, that still feels very fitting. A Cribs gig is always a memory in the making and this was no exception. Happily it’s only a short wait until the full tour kicks off in January and we get to do it all again!

Photo & Review: Siobhan – aka 16 Beasley St Photography

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