Top Moments of 2017 – Katie Frost Photography 

Top Moments of 2017 – Katie Frost Photography

 Five Finger Death Punch , Tons of Rock Festival, Norway 

These guys were really fun to shoot; lots of attitude and fun, which I think this
photo conveys pretty well.

Against The Current, O2 Academy2 Liverpool

It is always a struggle to capture energetic vocalist Chrissy Costanza so I was
really pleased with this shot. I also love the light fanning out behind her.

Gabrielle Aplin, The Jazz Cafe

I like this image because I think it captures the artist getting lost in the moment

Hey Violet, The Garage, London

The majority of my shots tend to be of artists standing so this shots brings a bit
of variety into my portfolio!

Rob Zombie, Tons or Rock Festival, Norway

This was an incredibly high-energy show and it was tough to get a shot of such
a fast-moving target, but I am pleased with this shot and like how the tassles
on his jacket are capturing the movement.

Sabaton, Tons or Rock Festival, Norway

Pyrotechnics are hard to photograph so I was stoked when I managed to get
this shot. I love the angle of the flames and his arms, together with the
expression on his face.  

Slayer, Tons or Rock Festival, Norway

I crossed one of the rock and roll big guns off my photography bucket-list with
this one! I like how content he looks, and the beams of yellow light add

Solstafir, The Old Blue Last, London

This was an incredibly intimate show and I think this shot captures that, as well
as the passion going into the performance.

Stone Sour, O2 Academy Brixton, London

This was one of the biggest bands I shot this year so was an important show for
me. I was so pleased with this shot as pyrotechnics / confetti canons can be
really tricky to capture!

The Pretty Reckless, O2 Academy Brixton, London

I think this shot conveys a lot of emotion, plus I like the angles made by her
arms against the softness of her curly hair.

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