Introducing – Steven Johnson

My Name is Steven Johnson and I am from the small northern Scottish island of Shetland. Home to around 25,000.
I’ve had a love affair with photography and music since I was 13 and coincidently enough 13 years later, at the start of this year (2017) I started offering my services as a photographer to other people and started asking bands if I could photograph them as I couldn’t play an instrument and I wanted to be part of the local music scene.
I started by working alongside a local web based news agency and giving them images in exchange for giving me accreditation and getting me into gigs.
A couple of months later I began working alongside the only local printed newspaper, The Shetland Times, and began getting paid for my images. I’ve been working with them ever since.
Although my local success has been rather rapid, I still feel the desire to learn more and improve. Also, being stuck in this remote island it’s difficult to network with other photographers so this website is fantastic!”
I currently use a Nikon D610 (although I’m upgrading to the D750 at the start of next year) along with the Nikon 24-70 2.8 and the Nikon 70-200 2.8 VRII
Photos – Scouting for Girls, Lucy Spraggan, Newton Faulkner,
Bulletfarm, King Bee, Odessa, Vantage Point, Beefcleaver, The Stray Birds, Roddy Woomble

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