Top Moments of 2017 – CCZH Photography

Top 10 Gig Moments 2017: CCZH Photography

Big Moon- Bristol



Seeing this band live for the first time was incredible enough on its own, but then having this photo picked up by NME was a real highlight for me

Haim- Reading Festival

This was my biggest festival shot to date, and boy did it deliver! Shooting much bigger stages than I’m used to was a real challenge but rewarding to say the least. A standout moment of the whole festival was photographing Haim. There was an undeniable buzz in the air leading up to their set, and they were a real dream to shoot.

Anteros- Brighton


Discovering Anteros this year was not only a highlight for my photography, but for my personal playlists too. A pretty exciting band all round, and incredibly easy to photograph. Having shot them three different times this year, they have become a firm favourite on the eyes and ears.

LANY- Barn on the Farm Festival

I accidentally stumbled upon LANY at my favourite festival of the year, when I couldn’t help but notice the swarms of fans congregating hours before their set. Frontman Paul puts on a real show and this made for some great photos. I couldn’t get them out of my head for months after shooting this one.


Laura Marling- Brighton


Having just moved to Brighton, this was my first time shooting at the gorgeous venue, the Brighton Dome. Laura Marling did not disappoint delivered a truly stunning set. The icing on the cake was that this photo was picked up by a cool exhibition popup where you could by prints out of a vending machine.

Blossoms- Brighton



With nothing but good things said about this band in 2017, I was rather stoked when I found out I would get to photograph them as part of the NME Awards Tour.

Tom Grennan- Bristol



This was another unintentional discovery, but what a discovery it was. When I walked into Bristol’s O2 Academy and heart Tom’s haunting vocals for the first time, I just thought to myself ‘I have to get some snaps of this guy, he is going to be big.’ Luckily I was between shifts photographing for D2D Festival, so I did just that.
What a guy, what a voice.


Kaiser Chiefs- Brighton


In terms of size, I would have to say shooting the Kaiser Chiefs at the Brighton Centre was my biggest gig of the year, and it was a rather fun one too. Frontman Ricky Wilson is as energetic as an overexcited puppy, pulling some great faces, which made the set rather enjoyable to photograph.


Glass Animals- Reading Festival
After Reading Fest banned pineapples from the site, fans made it their mission to sneak as many pineapple shaped things into the gig as possible. And we’ve got to give them credit, never have I seen such a creative bunch of fans. Showing up in pineapple onesies, sunglasses and even armed with gigantic pineapple lilos, it was a real sight to be seen. (And some great photo opportunities of course!) The band brought the house down, the energy was really amazing throughout the whole set.


Wolf Alice- Brighton
A sold out gig at the Brighton Dome is always a treat to shoot. I love this band’s energy as much as I love them, and it was undoubtedly a lot of fun to watch and photograph.

Photographed by Chloe Hashemi


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