Introducing – Richard Gatecliffe

My name is Rich and I work as ‘Richard Gatecliffe Photography’. My journey with a camera began as a 14 year old with a Russian made Zorki 4K. I did not realise that a little acorn was planted in my mind when I saw my absolute Idols Slade live in June 1973 along with The Sensational Alex Harvey Band. I was totally blown away. Since then I have been hooked on the spectacle and theatre that is ‘Live’ Rock and Metal music.

I have had the privilege of shooting front of stage at numerous festivals, and never cease to be amazed at the number of talented musicians that are out there giving it their all on the local music scene. My personal aim as a live music Photographer is to get shots that include as many band members as possible; lost in the moment whether it be thrashing out a riff or singing a powerful chorus. One things for sure, there is never a dull moment!

I shoot with Canon cameras and lenses, and love uploading the images, reviewing and editing on the big screen. My penchant is to play the bands music in the background as I edit them. There is no better compliment when you get great feedback from the artists and requests to use your shots for promotion. The puts a very large cherry on top of the big cake that is Live Music Photography.

Twitter: @RHG_photography

Photographed below – Broken // Chasing Dragonsn// Hells Addictionn// hoofKnuckle // Joe Parry // Leatherwolf // Loz Buchanan // Machine Head // Sertraline // Stone Broken.


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