Introducing – Rui Bandeira

Hi, My name is Rui Bandeira, I’m based in Oporto, Portugal and I do Concert photography and product photography.

I started as a drummer, I’ve studied at the local music conservatory and played for some years, but somewhere along the line I changed to photography.

I’ve always worked as a freelancer, and as time went by I started to get booked by some of the top bands and festivals in Portugal.

I rarely edit in monochrome, because I think that i’m there to record the concert the most accurately as possible and that includes the colours and the lights.

I Shoot with a Canon 5DMkIV and Canon 5DMkII and mostly with Canon ef 70-200mm f2 8 l usm is ii and the Canon EF 17-40mm f/4.0L USM

You can find me on my site:

Photos: 1-Ana Moura | 2 – Lenny Kravitz | 3-Deolinda | 4-Dream Theater | 5-Classical | 6-Sting | 7-Mariza | 8-Elton John and James Arthur | 9-Ana Moura | 10-Best Youth
1-Ana Moura_Coliseu Porto_2016_Rui Bandeira Fotografia_2 - Lenny Kravitz_Meo Mares Vivas_2015_Rui Bandeira fotografia_3 - Deolinda Coliseu PortoRui Bandeira Fotografia4 - Rui Bandeira Fotografia_Dream Theater_2017_MG_67065 - Filarmonia das Beiras_18 edição do Santa Cecilia International Compe6 - Mares Vivas 2017_@Rui Bandeira Fotografia__MG_61227 - Rui Bandeira Fotografia_Mariza_Coliseu do Porto_MG_59128 - Elton John e James Arthur9 - Ana Moura Coliseu 2017@RuiBandeiraFotografia_104A465510 - Rui Bandeira Fotografia_FestivalF__MG_3542

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