Introducing – Steven Brodie

Today we introduce Liverpool based Steven Brodie, we are excited to have Steven on board and cant wait to see more of his work.

“The reason behind me wanting to be a gig photographer is because not only do I enjoy listening to music, but I also love discovering new and upcoming bands in Liverpool. My favourite band is Led Zeppelin because the songwriting from Robert Plant is phenomenal.

One band that i’d love to photograph in the future would be either Metallica or Iron Maiden as their perfomances on stage are breathtaking. The biggest gig I have been to is Sound City 2017 and it is also my favourite because the line-ups are always incredible and i’m glad to say I was there to witness them.

I like to take a different approach when doing gig photography for example before taking photographs i’d think to myself “If I was a member of the band, how would I want to be seen?” So I like capturing images that makes the band pleased as well as myself. I’m looking to challenge myself more and hopefully start photographing big band names too.

If you want to see more of Stevens shots, you can check him out on:


Here are 10 of my favourite Images:
Arno Invisible Wind Factory 2017 (1)black_honey_invisible_wind_factory_brodie_1CabbageCharlie and Sam P_local_natives_sound_city_brodie_1Spilt 15The Amazons 2The Sherlocks 4tom_grennan_leaf_brodie_4tom_grennan_leaf_brodie_5

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