Siobhan O’Driscoll – Top 10 Gig Photography Moments 2017

Top 10 Gig Photography Moments of 2017 continues and this time we asked Siobhan O’Driscoll to share the best of her 2017 with us.

1. Melt Dunes, Lewes Psych Fest 20/1/17

Occasionally you discover a band who put all the others in the shade. Melt Dunes are consistently the best band on the line up irrespective of whether they’re opening or headlining. By far the most often featured on my website, I don’t believe there’s a better live band in the south right now, simple as that. Good way to kick off 2017.
2. Pulled Apart By Horses, Talking Heads Southampton 30/3/17
This year I’ve seen Pulled Apart By Horses play venues ranging from a record shop to major festivals and they never disappoint. Managed to get this picture before Tom dived into the crowd then reappeared in the air somewhere near the back of the venue wearing a straw hat…
3. Idles, Pie & Vinyl Southsea 22/4/17
Idles have built a deservedly strong live reputation; their back to basics punk politics ringing true with many in today’s messed up world. I first saw them by accident when I stuck my head into the tent they were playing at 2000 Trees last year. I’ve seen them intentionally many times since and met some lovely people as a result. They played outside Southsea’s Pie & Vinyl on Record Store Day causing complete mayhem and drawing much love from the crowd – always fun to photograph.
4. Saint Agnes, Portsmouth Psych Fest 29/4/17
Saint Agnes are a joy to watch and shoot, captivating and with masses of energy. Their set was a highlight of the first Portsmouth Psych Fest. Didn’t think this shot would come out as I was probably too close but I guess a little bit of luck was on my side.
5. Childhood, Horatios Bar Brighton – The Great Escape 19/5/17
Childhood’s debut Lacuna was my favourite album of 2014. After a lengthy gap it was brilliant to hear that their new stuff is even better. Queues at The Great Escape get a bit silly sometimes, so glad I stuck it out and managed to get in to see them play in a bar on Brighton pier.
6. Dream Wife, The Richmond Brighton – The Great Escape 20/5/17
Building up a serious following, Dream Wife are undoubtedly heading for bigger things. Good to catch them here in one of Brighton’s many eclectic pub venues.
7. The Cribs, Rough Trade Notts 14/8/17
I first saw The Cribs 10 years ago on the Men’s Needs tour and fell in love on the spot.  They’ve been responsible for some of the wildest, sweatiest gigs I’ve been to (I swear their merch people must make a fortune at the end of the night as so many people are soaked through and need something to wear on the way home). In August I headed to Nottingham to see them play an instore at Rough Trade and had the privilege of meeting them afterwards. They told me they liked my photos and I felt like a kid who just got everything they wanted for Christmas.
8. Crows, Victorious Festival 27/8/17
Fairly standard that Crows’ vocalist James takes a walkabout to play in the crowd. A sweet moment at Victorious as he wandered down the central barrier and leant over to wake up someone having a nap in the sunshine. Incidentally the guy in the picture may look like he’s about to thump him but was actually just going in for a fist bump 🙂
9. Franz Ferdinand, Victorious Festival 27/8/17
Sometimes you forget just how good a band is – seeing Franz Ferdinand again brought back what a huge catalogue of amazing songs they have and I’ve made up for lost time listening to them since. Loved their Barrowlands inspired backdrop too. Had some lovely feedback about this shot and was overly happy that the band chose to use it too.
10. The Horrors, Attenborough Centre Brighton 28/10/17

I think a lot of photographers have moments where they don’t believe their pictures are good enough or just feel a bit overwhelmed by the whole environment. When I hit this a couple of months back I resolved to take time out and come back to some things I have planned in December. Someone convinced me to get to a couple of gigs over a recent weekend and it finished up with The Horrors playing their beautiful new album and some old favourites in a stunning show in Brighton. As expected, their set was dark, full of lasers and smoke and not easy to shoot on any level. But for once I genuinely wouldn’t have cared if none of my photos had come out, I’m just glad I was there. Big love to all of you (including lots of fellow photographers) for your messages, means a lot – keep looking after each other and never forget to enjoy it.

You can see more of Siobhans great shots at:

1 Melt Dunes2 Pulled Apart By Horses3 Idles4 Saint Agnes5 Childhood6 Dream Wife7 The Cribs8 Crows9 Franz Ferdinand10 The Horrors

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