Photographer Insights #2 – “Be a bro as well as a pro” with Moki Moose

“They call me Moose…Moki Moose.”

Also known as Ryan Winstanley… Ryan seems to pop up absolutely everywhere, shooting for Noizze, When The Horn Blows and more recently photographer for Blood Youth as well as loads of other great bands. He takes consistently amazing shots and is just a nice guy to be in the pit with. 


A lot of photographers dream of heading out on epic tours like the one Ryan has just been on. Sometimes for the experience, and sometimes for the thrill.

Fresh from the tour, Ryan is back and still in one piece and we’ve been able to catch up with him. He gives us the lowdown on how it was for him.

1. So before we go into the tour itself, can you give us a quick bit of your background and how you got into music photography?
I’ve always had a photography based background, with my dad being heavily involved in sports photography since I was a kid. On top of that, i’ve always been involved in music, from playing in bands to attending shows frequently. I only really started taking photos last February, so it’s crazy to think of the opportunities that have been offered with very little experience – no complaints though!

2. You’ve shot a few tours now, how did you first get into it?

So I first started shooting for Noizze last March and When The Horn Blows shortly after, which consisted of literally accepting any show or festival just to build up my experience. I’ve been a fan of Blood Youth for a while, and so shooting their shows was always great experience. After covering a few of their shows, they got in touch. Two European & UK tours later, here we are.

3. So you’ve just got back from Blooth Youth Tour, we’ve seen some of the photos and it looked amazing. How long have you been away for? And which was your best location to shoot at?
The UK leg with Bless The Fall was 10 days, with around a week off, and then a full 3 weeks with Neck Deep. It’s difficult to pick favourites, however some of the venues hold very personal experiences. I’ll always love shooting Nottingham’s Rock City, because it’s been such a big part of my childhood, watching bands like Alexisonfire & Killswitch Engage. In Europe, Amsterdam was amazing! Such a huge venue, which was so overwhelming. Toulouse was also a great way to end the tour.

4. On tour itself what did your average day look like? Was there a certain routine you kept too?

It always started with a cup of coffee, followed by arriving at the venue and having a look around. We played some pretty cool cities, so I always tried to have a wander round and see as much as I could. Making sure all my camera equipment was charged and working was always the most important part. After shows, chilling on the bus with a beer was usually the case whilst editing photos, which was almost always followed by a few hours on the playstation.

5. Not only did you have to edit photos, but also the live video for Parasite, when did you manage to fit this in?

It was usually after the shows on the bus – I quite often went to sleep pretty late each night, so late night editing was a regular occurrence for me. 

6. Did you get any time off? What did you get up too apart from sleep.

A6.) We did have a few days off, which was usually spent sightseeing and getting some proper food. FIFA and movies on the bus were also a pretty good way of relaxing.

7. Being away for that long, shooting the same band, the same songs. Did you try and capture each evening differently? and was it a case of knowing exactly what you wanted to get out of each night?
Luckily on the European run the venues varied so much, so it kept things interesting. We played some big venues and some small no barrier venues and even on a boat so this helped to create different atmospheres. Usually when I’m shooting a set I know roughly what photos I want to capture and I know what happens in certain parts of the set which are worth capturing.

8. We love your shots, they have a certain aesthetically pleasing feel to them which captures the energy and atmosphere perfectly. What kit did you take out with you on this tour?
On this tour I used one body – my Canon 5D mark 3. I absolutely love this body, it’s so versatile and produces high quality images. Lens wise I used the canon 24-70mm F/2.8, Sigma art 35mm F/1.4mm and a Vivitar 19-35mm F/4 (I bought this lens as I needed something wide for a run of shows). I picked this up on eBay for £50 and it produced some amazing shots.

9. For anyone looking to go into tour photography whats your top tips on the area of music photography?

In this day and age I would say using social media is a key factor, as this is a direct route to show your work to the bands and gives you a platform to gain a following.  If you get on a tour it’s important to network with other bands, crew and managers as this could lead to future jobs. Don’t forget, you could end up spending weeks in close proximity with the same people so having good people skills is a plus, be a bro as well as a pro!

10. Thank you for all the tips and insights, now it can’t of all been work, there must have been a bit of play involved too. What was it like shooting for the guys at Blood Youth? Did anything crazy happen on or off stage which you can share with us (without getting anyone in trouble obviously)

This tour was called the peace and the panic tour and it was exactly that! In Madrid we turned up to the venue and it wasn’t even built…. the stage was on bricks and wires and lights were hanging out everywhere. Luckily we had a fantastic crew who managed to find a new venue and get everything set up so the show went ahead.  I’ve photographed Blood Youth probably more than anyone else and honestly couldn’t pick a better bunch of lads to tour with.  Every night they bring there “A” game and give it their all.

Thank you for taking the time to chat with us Ryan, you can now go and rest, catching up on a bit of sleep before the next adventure. We look forward to seeing more of your work in the future.

Keep on Shooting, Rock On!

You can follow Ryans work on the following links below.



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