Liverpool Music Week – A Photographer’s View – Warren Millar

So over the last few days i’ve been covering Liverpool Music week for getintothis at the popular “DIY Breaking Out” events at HBGBS (Heebie Jeebies), Liverpool.

The Venue is only small but has a real great vibe to it and surprisingly good lighting (talking from a gig photographers angle here) I’m covering three gigs there this year and this was the first headlined by London based J-pop band “Kero Kero Bonito” (KKB). Vocalist Sarah Midori Perry really puts on a great set dancing and moving about on stage with stuffed dinosaurs and even a pink flamingo, Flamingo being the title of one of their poppy electro songs.

From a gig photographers point of view KKB are a joy to photograph, lots of movement and lots of energy on stage from Sarah.

In support on the night were local bands “Wildfires”, “Luna” and Liverpools very own “Pizza Girl” complete with a very fetching “Pizza Hat”

So a great night at a great little venue, even if you have to use your very sharp elbows (which all gig photographers have) in order to get to the front of the stage 😉

Look out for my other two gigs at EBGBS at Liverpool Music Week with headline acts “Girl Ray” and “Japanese Breakfast”

Happy Shooting

Warren x

Take a look at Warren’s full LMW Coverage here:

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